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It is the 1870′s, and war rages between the world’s great powers on a scale never before seen!

This is a Wiki for the Dystopian Wars Miniatures Game by Spartan Games. This wiki is still very new, and there's lots of information about the Dystopian Wars universe, so if you are a D-Wars player, feel free to register and start writing! Please read the Writing for the Dystopian Wars Wiki page for some basic tips, first.

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Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon, Leader of the Covenant of Antartica

At sea, mighty Battle Groups clash; lines of giant smoke-belching Dreadnoughts and Battleships hammer one another in mortal combat, supported by flotillas of smaller craft. Between the thunderous engagements of massed war fleets are dozens, if not hundreds, of lesser skirmishes. From the war lashed North Sea to the most remote of backwater trade routes, roving packs of cruisers, Destroyers and Submarines hunt down the merchant shipping of the enemy.

On ravaged battlefields across the globe, huge armies take to the field, spearheaded by mighty armoured behemoths the size of fortresses. Bristling with cannon, rocket batteries, and even more devastating weapons, packed with battalions of assault troops, these massive juggernauts loom over legions of lesser land ironclads; clashing in massed battle amid raging maelstroms of steel and thunder that shake the very earth itself.

In the air, the most extraordinary conflicts of all split the skies over the warring fleets and armies below. Whole wings of aeroplanes swirl and tear at one another like battling swarms of angry hornets, while Medium and Heavy Bombers empty their deadly payloads onto their hapless earthbound targets. But dominating the skies, as their armoured and naval counterparts, are the mightiest of flying engines;packed with cutting-edge technology and awesome firepower, these sky-giants are the airborne equal of any naval dreadnought or Land Ship, and sport armaments to match.

This awesome new power is the product of advanced industrial technology and revolutionary new science turned to belligerent ends. However; the causes for which the world’s great powers and their allies have sent their armed forces to warfare the same as they ever were; greed, pride, the hunger for power and resources and the unquenchable lust for dominance over all others.

These are the Dystopian Wars!

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